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Please see the full list of Dana Rose Garfin's work at:

Download Dr. Garfin’s CV  here.


Garfin, Thompson, R. R., & Wong‐Parodi, G. (2022). Media exposure, threat processing, and mitigation behaviors in Gulf Coast residents facing the co‐occurring threats of COVID‐19 and hurricanes. Risk Analysis. PDF

Wong-Parodi, G., & Garfin, D. R. (2022). Priming close social contact protective behaviors enhances protective social norms perceptions, protection views, and self-protective behaviors during disasters. International journal of disaster risk reduction, 80, 103135. PDF

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Abstracted in J. Silver (2014, January 10). Stop replaying the tragedy. NEJM Journal Watch. 2014 (jan10_6) NA33132

Shultz, J. M., Garfin, D. R., Espinel, Z., Araya, R., Oquendo, M., Wainberg, M., … Neria, Y. (2014). Internally displaced “victims of armed conflict” in Colombia: The trajectory and trauma signature of displacement. Current Psychiatry Reports, 16, 474-475. doi: 10.1007/s11920-014-0475-7 PDF

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