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Understand what it means to be mindful and how the practice benefits your wellbeing.


What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and how can it assist with reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and pain?



Read more about my research on trauma and stress and how to manage it. 


I am available for speaking engagements, webinars, workshops, & MBSR classes

Meet Dr. Dana Rose Garfin, Ph.D.

Dr. Garfin is Principal Investigator of the UCI REACH Lab and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing



Hello Friends,

I am Dana Rose Garfin, Ph.D

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Irvine and an internationally recognized expert on stress, trauma, coping, and mindfulness. I have over 50 peer-reviewed publications in top-tier scientific outlets and have presented my research and expert commentary to academic and community-based audiences. My work has been featured in hundreds of domestic and international news outlets as well as documentaries and podcasts. I am also an avid surfer, meditation practitioner, yogi, and Pilates Instructor.

My life's work has focused on researching the antecedents of trauma and stress and how to help people overcome life's greatest difficulties. My personal journey combined with my scientific expertise has ignited and informed by passion for Mindfulness and other wellness practices as a way to help others. 


I am available to help individuals and organizations understand and manage stress. Life is filled with challenges. But evidence-based practices can help alleviate the deleterious effects of stress on physical and mental health. Please take some time to explore my website and learn more about mindfulness, my research, my experience, and my services. I look forward to working with you!


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Reduces stress, manage physical pain, decrease negative emotions, and create a healthier, happier mindset in 8-weeks with my Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.

Reviews From Coaching Clients

Mindfulness improves well-being. Increasing your capacity for mindfulness supports many attitudes that contribute to a more satisfying life.


It is mindblowing how much mindfulness has transformed my life. I am much more conscious of my decisions, I stress less, and my outlook on life is much more positive. Thank you Dana for your guidance.


The mindfulness course that I took with Dr. Garfin and it was a great way for me to be introduced into the power of mindfulness in dealing with stress. 


Dr. Garfin's class provided insight into a new way of thinking. I have heard about mindfulness before but Dr. Garfin guided me on using mindfulness to shift my mindset into a healthier one.

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